If you’ve never considered a side dump trailer before, these articles are for you. Read up on how side dumps compare to other trailers, what kind of materials they can haul, and how much capacity they offer. If you have more questions about how a side dump will perform compared to another kind of dump trailer, feel free to contact us.


Cubic yards in a side dump trailer

Wondering if a side dump trailer has enough capacity for your application? Chances are, it does. Consult the table below for an at-a-glance view of the cubic yard capacities of...

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Hydraulic requirements for a side dump

The hydraulic requirements for a side dump trailer are different from an end dump trailer. Check out our FAQ to see how a side dump can work for you.


Differences between side dumps, end dumps and belly dumps

When determining what the best dump trailer is for your application – side dump, belly dump, or end dump – it’s important to have an understanding of the engineering behind...

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Side Dumps vs. End Dumps Comparison Chart

When choosing a trailer, there are two popular choices: end dumps and side dumps. This comparison chart highlights the differences between end dumps and side dumps so you can make...


How to stockpile with a side dump trailer

Want to see how a side dump trailer quickly and safely stockpiles? Check out our video.

What materials

Materials you can haul in a side dump trailer

When it comes to versatility in material hauling, a side dump trailer is second-to-none. There are virtually no limitations on the types of material SmithCo side dumps can haul. From...

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Why are side dump trailers more stable than end dump trailers?

To understand why end dump trailers so commonly have tip over problems – and why the stability of side dumps is superior – it’s important to know the basics of...

Tub slap

How tub slap affects your side dump trailer

Understanding tub slap, an action that occurs at the end of the dump cycle, is an essential part of side dump safety and effectiveness.


How to windrow with a side dump trailer

Windrowing with a side dump trailer keeps you moving. Check out our video to see how simple it is.


No Hidden Costs with SmithCo

When budgets get squeezed, price gets put in the spotlight. Which makes it even more important to understand that cheaper today is not cheaper in the long run. Hidden costs...


Hydraulic Suspensions Improve Mining Operations

Watch the world's first mining trailer with hydraulic suspensions tackle washboard roads with optimal load distribution for a steadier ride and no risk of freeze-ups.

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