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How well do side dump trailers work for your industry? Take a look at the articles here for details on how a side dump’s stability, easy unloading and fast cycle time can benefit users like you.

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Industry Spotlight: Mine Trailers

SmithCo mine trailers have been used in the mining industry for many years because of their rugged construction, superior stability, faster cycle times, and easier unloading capabilities. Traditional mine...


Industry Spotlight: Agriculture Side Dumps

The SmithCo agriculture side dump trailers were developed because we heard agricultural customers saying they wanted one trailer to haul a variety of products. We put our superior engineering skills...

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Industry Spotlight: Side Dumps for Waste Hauling

With watertight tubs and superior stability, SmithCo side dump trailers have been meeting the challenges of the waste hauling industry for many years.


Industry Spotlight: Construction Trailers

For nearly 30 years, SmithCo has been designing and producing innovative side dump construction trailers for a variety of industries and specific applications. Our construction customers primarily work in the...

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Industry Spotlight: Side Dumps for Demolition Hauling

When most people think of the demolition industry, they imagine explosions and crumbling buildings. But demolition hauling is a key piece of this industry, involving structural dismantlement, site clearance, environmental...

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