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Superior stability, easier unloading, faster cycle times—side dump trailers are changing the way the world hauls. When you work with SmithCo, you’re teaming up with experts in the industry. We’re always here to help. Take a look at our learning center and if you still have questions just pick up the phone; we’d love to chat.


Side Dump Basics

If you’ve never considered a side dump trailer before, these articles are for you. Read up on how side dumps compare to other trailers, what kind of materials they can...

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Spec Your Trailer

Ready to order your side dump? We’ll walk you through a series of questions to make sure you get the exact trailer to suit your needs. These articles outline the...

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Video Highlights

How well do side dump trailers work for your industry? Take a look at the articles here for details on how a side dump’s stability, easy unloading and fast cycle...

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