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SmithCo double-tub mine trailers work great for materials that are denser, such as iron ore, copper ore, or zinc ore. These mine trailers are also ideal for finer materials, such as phosphate sand, salt, and attapulgite clay. That is all due to the design of SmithCo mine trailers, which does not allow for material leakage, but do make tub cleanout easier.

SmithCo Mine Trailers costs a fraction of a traditional mine haul truck, has a much quicker return speed to move more material per shift, and dramatically lowers fuel costs. You will have less downtime on the job site versus waiting for a haul truck to return. Mine operators will see lower maintenance costs as well.


· Custom built for each application

· Tubs designed to maximize payload

· Heavy haul units built for off-road use

· Payloads up to 80 tons per trailer

· Train together to carry loads from pickup to distribution points on site

· Engineered for the toughest jobs, with rugged suspensions, long-haul mine-rated tires, and heavy frames that stand up to loading and unloading

· Optional hydraulic suspensions offer a steadier ride, reduced maintenance and eliminate freeze-ups

· Optional linings to reduce carry-back and eject materials cleanly


Double Tub Mine Trailers Tub Capacities


1.81 cu yd/foot

2.03 cu yd/foot

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Mine Trailer 1
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