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Operators who are accustomed to using end-dump trailers often have a lot of questions about how the hydraulic requirements differ for a side dump. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What are the hydraulic requirements to operate a side dump? How are they different from the requirements for an end dump?

A: SmithCo side dump trailers are built using two or more double-acting hydraulic cylinders, which require pressure to dump, and pressure to return the cylinders. This means that you will need a two-line wet kit on the power unit, and either the wet kit or the trailer itself will have to be equipped with a directional control valve to dump/return the tub. Our trailers are built with 5” or 6” hydraulic cylinders and we require 25-30 gallons per minute of oil to the trailer at operating RPM with a minimum pressure of 2500 psi (2800-2900 is preferred).

In comparison, end dump trailers are typically built with one larger diameter single-acting cylinder, requiring a single line wet kit with lower pressure (2000-2200 psi) and more required gallons per minute to fill the larger single cylinder. The cylinder size of the end dump trailer would determine the actual gallons per minute and pressure required for that particular trailer.

Q: I currently have a single line wet kit. Can I run a SmithCo side dump?

A: Some single line kits can be easily converted to run a SmithCo side dump. As long as the wet kit is capable of pressure of 2500 psi and has a flow rate of 25-30 gallons per minute, we can guide you into how to make it work for your trailer.

Q: How does the hydraulic system affect the dump speed?

A: A wet kit producing a 25-30 gallon per minute flow rate will ensure that your SmithCo side dump trailer will dump in the proper amount of time to maintain the best stability. Five-inch cylinders will dump more quickly than 6” cylinders.

Q: How does the hydraulic system affect the amount of weight that can be lifted?

A: Proper pressure from the wet kit is the key to being able to dump your loads. We collaborate with customers to size the hydraulic cylinders to best suit their job and be sure that the trailer will not be loaded beyond its capabilities. A trailer equipped with 5” hydraulic cylinders will dump a bit faster than one equipped with 6” cylinders. Six-inch cylinders will push with more force than the 5” cylinders, making them the right choice for certain models of trailers.

Q: How do the dump speeds and weight capacities for a side dump compare to end dumps?

A: SmithCo side dump trailers are going to dump and cycle faster than end dump trailers. The two smaller cylinders with shorter strokes mean result in dump cycle times of 22-40 seconds, depending of course on GPM provided by the wet kit.

End dump trailers by comparison will have larger diameter cylinders, and longer cylinder strokes, meaning the dump time of the cylinder is much longer. Weight capacities of the two types of trailers are based on many factors—hydraulic systems being just one.

Q: How much does a wet kit to run a SmithCo side dump cost?

A: We do wet kit installations at our factory location in Iowa. Prices vary depending on the options you choose, but install prices begin at $4,700 plus any applicable taxes.

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