Feedlot trailer


SmithCo’s Feedlot Trailers are designed to hold low density payloads that require more tub volume and can handle dual product hauling.

We build our agriculture trailers to be highly versatile, and our feedlot side dump trailer series is designed with higher volume capacities, so you can haul more with each cycle.


  • Stockpile or Windrow
  • Watertight, no leaks
  • Designed for the agricultural market
  • Animal waste
  • Dirt & sand
  • Seasonal grain wagon
  • Silage
  • Unlimited applications
  • AR450 Steel Tubs
  • 80/100 KSI T-1 Steel Frame
  • 25K Axles
  • Dumps load further away from trailer
  • Dual Product hauling


Feedlot Trailer Capacities

Waterfull Heaped

14’ Tub (doubled)

16 cu yd

22 cu yd

16’ Tub (doubled)

40 cu yd

44 cu yd

18’ Tub (doubled)

45 cu yd

50 cu yd

Model SHVFL3-4818-DT SmithCo Side Dump Trailer

Specs shown are for 48’ frame length; other configurations available.

Frame Length


Tub Length

18’ (x2)



Loading Height

10’ 6” across the top

Tub Construction

3/16” thick, AR450 Steel Floor

1/8” thick, 100 KSI Steel Sides

Frame Construction 80/100 KSI, Fabricated Steel I-Beam
Kingpin 2" Kingpin, 18" Setting, Replaceable Type
Landing Gear

56,000 lb Load Bearing


Push Bar Type, Bolt On

Cylinders 3500 PSI, 4" bore
Suspension Air Ride suspension, 3rd air lift
Axles 25,000# Capacity
Hubs 10 Hole, Hub Piloted
ABS 2S1M Anti-Lock Brake System
Drums Outboard Mount, Cast Steel
Wheels Steel Disc, 8.25 x 22.5

11 R 22.5 G Radial Tires


16 ½” x 7”


Front & Rear, ¼” Synthetic

Lights 12 Volt LED ICC w/ Sealed Harness
Mud Flap

(4) Polyline Anti-Spray Splash Guard


Polyurethane, any combination of gray, white or black

Special colors available upon request

Min. Tractor Hydraulic Reqs.

25-30 GPM

2,600-2,800 PSI

10 Gallon Reservoir

Layout Options

SHVFL Rear View
Model SHVFL Rear
SHVFL5 5223 DT
Model SHVFL5 53 23 DT
SHVFL4 5316 TT
Model SHVFL4 53 16 TT
SHVFL3 4818 DT
Model SHVFL3 48 28 DT


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