When budgets get squeezed, price gets put in the spotlight. Which makes it even more important to understand that cheaper today is not cheaper in the long run. Hidden costs may lurk in other “cheaper” trailers.

At SmithCo, we do not take short cuts to benefit our business. Instead, we take pride to get you the right trailer for your needs that will operate for many years while retaining its value. We know what works and what does not so everything is built strong to require less maintenance and last as long as possible. This is why we can say SmithCo makes the best built trailer on the market.

This chart below highlights hidden costs that may lurk in competitor trailers.

Fabricated Deep Frame Rails
Customized frame length and depth to maximize ground load based on trailer and truck length
Many use the same depth for all sizes of trailers
Weld vs Bolt
High quality, integrated all-weld assembly with skilled labor has greater strength and durability
Bolt construction is easier for manufacturer but is not as durable
Greaseable Bearings vs Plastic Pivots
Grease purges dust contaminants to keep durable metal parts moving freely; with preventative maintenance, bearings outlast lower quality plastic pivots 6 times longer
Nylon, molly filled (plastic) wear pads only greased at manufacture and wear out quickly; without replacement steel parts pivot on steel and wear damage occurs
Each trailer is custom designed so each axle grouping is in compliance at max payload
One basic design with components bolted on, and may not be in full compliance at max payload
Hydraulic Hose & Fitting
¾-inch hose for greater flow to 5-inch standard cylinders for faster dump cycle
½-inch hose reduces cost but slows flow volume and slows dump cycle
AR 400 vs 100 Tub Steel
AR-400 is exceptionally versatile and durable; tubs accommodate any type of haul
100 steel costs less buts dents easily causing issues for rock and aggregate haulers
Bowl vs angled tub
Bowl design offers more payload per foot with less weight and much cleaner dump-out 34 ft tub = 22.8 cubic yards, water level
Angled design allows dump further from trailer but sacrifices weight and volume; clean-out may require driver to get out of cab 35 ft tub = 23.0 cubic yards, water level
Latch design
Third generation slide design for greater safety
Old style flat latch may cause damage
Electrical junction boxes
Sealed on all options
May be open on options not harness related
Resale value
SmithCo SX-3 sold new in 2019 for $60,000. Resold in July 2022 for $70,250
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