For 30 years, SmithCo side dumps have offered efficiency, stability, and profitability

Looking for a solution to dangerous and costly end dump tip-overs? Or looking to haul more efficiently and increase profitability?

At SmithCo, we’ve been building side dumps for over three decades. Our trailers are stronger, last longer, and have the highest resale value on the market.

"We've never tipped over a SmithCo"

- Steve Schmillen, Schmillen Construction Inc.

SmithCo’s SX3 Three Axle side dump is a popular choice in states allowing extended gross weights for truck/trailer combinations with more than five axles. The SX3-4234 and SX3-4636 are the most common three axle trailer sizes but lengths run from SX3-3734 to SX3-5036.

Shorter to mid-length trailers, like Schmillen Construction's, tend to be used for everyday construction jobs, while the longer three axle trailers are frequently used for line-haul applications.

SmithCo Side Dumps versus Competitor Side Dumps

This chart below highlights hidden costs that may lurk in competitor trailers.

SmithCo Side Dumps Competitor Side Dumps
Fabricated Deep Frame Rails SmithCo Side Dump: Customized frame length & depth to maximize ground load End Dump: Many use the same depth for all sizes of trailers
Weld vs Bolt SmithCo Side Dump: High quality & integrated all-weld assembly for greater strength & durability End Dump: Bolt construction is easier for manufacturer but not as durable
Greaseable Bearings vs Plastic Pivots SmithCo Side Dump: Grease purges keep metal parts moving freely; bearings outlast lower-quality plastic pivots (up to 6x longer) End Dump: Nylon, molly-filled wear pads only greased by manufacturer, wear quickly; steel parts pivot on steel & wear damage occurs
Design SmithCo Side Dump: Each trailer is custom designed so axle grouping is in compliance at max payload End Dump: One basic design with components bolted on; may not be in full compliance at max payload
AR 450 vs 100 Tub Steel SmithCo Side Dump: AR-450 is exceptionally versatile & durable; tubs accommodate any type of haul End Dump: 100 steel dents easily, causing issues for rock & aggregate haulers
Bowl vs Angled Tub SmithCo Side Dump: Bowl design offers greater payload/foot, less weight, & much cleaner dump End Dump: Angled design allows further dump but sacrifices weight & volume; clean-out may require driver to get out of cab
Latch Design SmithCo Side Dump: Fourth generation slide hook design for greater safety End Dump: Old style flat latch may cause damage
Electrical Junction Boxes SmithCo Side Dump: Sealed on all options End Dump: May be open on options not harness related
Resale Value SmithCo Side Dump: SmithCo SX-3 sold new in 2019 for $60,000. Resold in July 2022 for $70,250 End Dump:
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Asphalt loading DSC01846

Haul more efficiently.

Faster cycle times and the ability to dump on the go help you get more done in a day.


Dump with stability.

Unload by tilting to the side for greater stability during the dump cycle.


Increase profitability.

No hidden costs and highest resale value add more to your bottom line.

Bruckner Truck and Equipment

Increase safety.

No backing up; better sightlines improve accuracy and safety.

Dumped w cab DSC02119

Stay in the cab.

No-touch unloading makes for faster windrowing and stockpiling.

Designer action shot

Built to last.

Our rigorous engineering and testing keeps your trailer out of the shop and on the road.

Side dumps versus end dumps comparison chart

For superior stability, easier unloading, faster cycle times, choose a SmithCo side dump.

SmithCo Side Dump End Dump
Better sight lines SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: N/A
Windrow with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Watertight SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Breakaway kingpins SmithCo Side Dump: Not necessary End Dump: Reduces damage
in tip overs
Dump on uneven grades SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Max exposed cylinder Length SmithCo Side Dump: 3 feet End Dump: 35 feet
Cylinder replacement costs SmithCo Side Dump: $1,700 est. End Dump: $4,500 est.
Haul large boulders with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Haul large debris with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Cycle Times SmithCo Side Dump: 15-20 seconds End Dump: 120 seconds
Reduce weight on the fly SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
5 - 10-year resale value SmithCo Side Dump: 5 year = $50,000
10 year = $45,000
End Dump: 5 year = $36,000
10 year = $20,000
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