Side dumps offer efficiency, stability, and profitability

Looking for a solution to dangerous and costly end dump tip-overs? Or looking to haul more efficiently and increase profitability?

At SmithCo, we’ve been building side dumps for over three decades. Our trailers are stronger, last longer, and have the highest resale value on the market.

"We've never tipped over a SmithCo"

- Steve Schmillen, Schmillen Construction Inc.

Asphalt loading DSC01846

Haul more efficiently.

Faster cycle times and the ability to dump on the go help you get more done in a day.


Dump with stability.

Unload by tilting to the side for greater stability during the dump cycle.


Increase profitability.

No hidden costs and highest resale value add more to your bottom line.

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Increase safety.

No backing up; better sightlines improve accuracy and safety.

Dumped w cab DSC02119

Stay in the cab.

No-touch unloading makes for faster windrowing and stockpiling.

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Built to last.

Our rigorous engineering and testing keeps your trailer out of the shop and on the road.

Side Dump Comparison Chart

For superior stability, easier unloading, faster cycle times, choose a SmithCo side dump.

SmithCo Side Dump End Dump
Better sight lines SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: N/A
Windrow with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Watertight SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Breakaway kingpins SmithCo Side Dump: Not necessary End Dump: Reduces damage
in tip overs
Dump on uneven grades SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Max exposed cylinder Length SmithCo Side Dump: 3 feet End Dump: 35 feet
Cylinder replacement costs SmithCo Side Dump: $1,700 est. End Dump: $4,500 est.
Haul large boulders with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Haul large debris with ease SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
Cycle Times SmithCo Side Dump: 15-20 seconds End Dump: 120 seconds
Reduce weight on the fly SmithCo Side Dump: Yes End Dump: No
5 - 10-year resale value SmithCo Side Dump: 5 year = $50,000
10 year = $45,000
End Dump: 5 year = $36,000
10 year = $20,000
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