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SmithCo’s side dump trailers can change your mine. A tractor-trailer combo can reduce ton-mile costs compared to a conventional haul unit thanks to its smaller footprint and reduced haul-road requirements, lower fuel use, longer tire life, and lower-cost maintenance. Our custom mining and quarry trailers are at work around the world. Ready for highway or off-road driving, side dump trailers make opening satellite mines more feasible. Payloads of up to 100 tons per trailer; 200 tons with trained trailers.

Mine trailer

Mine Trailers

Change your mine with SmithCo's custom mine trailers with payloads up to 100 tons.

A b trains

A-Trains & B-Trains

SmithCo has developed a large series of A- and B-Train side dump trailer configurations ranging from six to 15 axles combinations.

Double Tub

Double Tub Series

The SmithCo Double Tub Series is our SX Series frame mounted with two or three tubs instead of one.



SmithCo’s SX1 Single Axle side dump trailer is primarily used in situations when maneuverability is an issue, or in a doubles operation.



SmithCo’s SX2 Tandem Axle side dump trailer is one of our most popular and versatile models.

Smithco sx3 triple axle side dump trailer


SmithCo’s SX3 Three Axle side dump is a popular choice in states allowing extended gross weights for 5-axle+ trailer/truck combos.

Sx4 - cropped


SmithCo’s SX4 Four Axle side dump trailer is primarily used in states that allow extended weights and is usually part of a line-haul application.



SmithCo’s SX5 Five Axle side dump trailer is similar to the four axle model, but features a liftable/steerable axle added behind the landing leg area.

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