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SmithCo’s side dump trailers can change your mine. A tractor-trailer combo can reduce ton-mile costs compared to a conventional haul unit thanks to its smaller footprint and reduced haul-road requirements, lower fuel use, longer tire life, and lower-cost maintenance. Our custom mining and quarry trailers are at work around the world. Ready for highway or off-road driving, side dump trailers make opening satellite mines more feasible. Payloads of up to 100 tons per trailer; 200 tons with trained trailers.

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Mine Trailers

Change your mine with SmithCo's custom mine trailers with payloads up to 100 tons.

A b trains

A-Trains & B-Trains

SmithCo has developed a large series of A- and B-Train side dump trailer configurations ranging from six to 15 axles combinations.

Construction pup cp30


SmithCo’s Construction Pup is designed for both off-road construction and agriculture.

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