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SmithCo side dump trailers offer the highest quality farming and feedlot trailers. Side dumps can be pulled with a tractor or truck, and we can help find solutions to common problems like flotation-type tires that keep your trailer from sinking into soft ground.

Ag pup cp20


SmithCo’s Ag Pup was designed for the agricultural market and can be easily pulled with an ag tractor.

Construction pup cp30


SmithCo’s Construction Pup is designed for both off-road construction and agriculture.

Feedlot trailer

Feedlot Series

SmithCo’s Feedlot Trailers are designed to hold low density payloads that require more tub volume and can handle dual product hauling.

TMB 3 gallery


SmithCo’s Truck Mount Box is a shorter, easier to transport, fully functional side dump trailer that can be mounted to a tractor or truck chassis.



SmithCo’s Medium High Volume tub was designed for low density payloads that require larger tub volume.

Shv tub


SmithCo’s Super High Volume tub was designed for wet, low density payloads.