Side dump CAD drawing 1700

Ready to order your side dump? We’ll walk you through a series of questions to make sure you get the exact trailer to suit your needs. These articles outline the decisions you’ll need to make. We’ll talk them over in detail, but consider this a preview.

Mounted valves

Placing and maintaining your hydraulic control valve

SmithCo helps customers understand the options for placement of the hydraulic control valve on their side dump trailer: truck-mount or trailer-mount.

SX1 3 gallery

Choosing a side dump trailer and tub style

Choosing a side dump trailer and specific tub style is the first of several key decisions you’ll make in your order, and SmithCo is here to help.

Super single tires

Choosing tires and wheels for your side dump

Learn what tires are available for your side dump trailer, and get insights on whether you’ll want super single or dual tires, and aluminum or steel wheels.

Vinyl Tarp Fabric

Selecting your tarp

Our side dump tarp options include mesh, vinyl, and ballistic nylon. Read our advice on which tarps suit which materials for your side dump trailer.

SX3 white and black

Choosing your trailer’s paint color

SmithCo’s standard trailer paint colors are white, black, gray and construction yellow, but custom choices are also available. Read the details.

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