SmithCo’s SX1 Single Axle side dump trailer is primarily used in situations when maneuverability is an issue, or as a second trailer in a doubles operation.

The SX1 has many length options, with the SX1-2317 and SX1-2620 being the most popular selections. When used in a doubles operation, the converter dolly can be attached with either a fifth wheel or roller turntable connection.


  • 20’ to 30’ foot frame lengths
  • Stockpile or windrow
  • Watertight; no leaks
  • Low load height
  • Dumps toward either side
  • AR450 Steel Tub, One Piece Floor
  • 80/100 KSI Steel Frames
  • Self-Aligning, Spherical Bearing Hinges
  • External Column Tub Supports
  • No Center Tub Divider
  • Shot Blast Paint Prep
  • Polyurethane Paint


SX1 Tub Capacities

17’ tub11.5 cu yd15.5 cu yd
25’ tub16.75 cu yd22.5 cu yd

Model SX1-2317 SmithCo Side Dump Trailer with CD-1 Dolly

Specs shown are for 22’2” frame length; other configurations available.

Frame Length 22’ 2”
Tub Length 17'
Width 8’ 6”
Height 8' 3" at Tub side, 9' 6" at Center
Tub Construction 1/4" Thick, AR450 Steel (or equivalent)

3/16" Thick, AR450 Steel (or equivalent) is optional
Frame Construction 80/100 KSI, Fabricated Steel I-beam
Bumper Under-Ride Type
Cylinders 3500 PSI, 5" bore
Dolly Single Axle
Connection Turntable
Tongue 3" Premier Swivel Drawbar Eye.

Premier Tongue Hinge Assembly (poly)
Hinges Self-Aligning, Spherical Bearing Type (greaseable)
Suspension Air Ride Suspension Standard; Spring Ride Available
Axles (2) 25,000# capacity
Hubs 10 Hole, Hub Piloted
ABS 2S1M Anti-Lock Brake System
Drums Outboard Mount, Cast Steel
Wheels Steel Disc, 8.25 x 22.5 (8)
Tires 11R 22.5 G Radial Tires (8)
Brakes 16 1/2" x 7"
Fenders Front & Rear, 1/4" Synthetic, 7 Degree Slope
Lights 12 Volt ICC w/ Sealed Harness
Mud Flap (2) Polyline Anti-Spray Splash Guard w/SmithCo name

Polyurethane, any combination of gray, white or black

Special colors available upon request

Min. Tractor Hydraulic Reqs.

25-30 GPM

2,600-2,800 PSI

10 Gallon Reservoir

Layout Options

SX1 Rear View
Model S1 2317


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