The SmithCo agriculture side dump trailers were developed because we heard agricultural customers saying they wanted one trailer to haul a variety of products. We put our superior engineering skills to the test and delivered a high-value line of trailers that does just that.

But we didn’t stop there. As a result of our ongoing process of listening, we developed a new design for a feedlot customer that can be useful in a variety of ways within the agriculture industry. Today, our side dump trailers are serving an ever-growing group of enthusiastic customers in the agriculture community.

Haul More with One Trailer

In the ag industry, producers must be prudent with their resources. Every dollar counts. That’s why we built our agriculture trailers to be highly versatile. Our customers can haul a wide variety of products such as manure, silage, corn distillers, sand, gravel, dirt, corn and soybeans, all with one trailer. Farmers, feedlot operators, and others can use one SmithCo agriculture side dump trailer for all of their hauling—eliminating the need to have multiple types of trailers.

SmithCo side dumps are designed to be watertight. Our agricultural customers have the ability to haul soupy or wet material (e.g. manure and grain distillers) without fear of the material leaking onto the road.

Built for Agriculture

SmithCo agricultural trailers are engineered for the specific needs of this industry. Unlike products in other industries such as construction, agricultural products have a lower density, so hauling higher volumes in each load is important to our customers. Our most popular trailers in the SmithCo agriculture lineup are the SHV, MHVSR, and our new Feedlot Series, each offering higher volume capacities. These trailer models are built with a thinner-gauge material, resulting in a lighter trailer for an increased payload.

Reliable and Versatile

As in any industry, down-time is costly. SmithCo’s side dump trailers have a proven track record of reliability with less required maintenance. This gives our customers the ability to count on their trailers to be ready to perform day in and day out. If you’re looking for a new agriculture trailer you can rely on out in the field, we'd be happy to help you.

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