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SmithCo side dump trailers are built to last, but if a customer should need a new part, the Parts & Service department is here to help. Since we are the manufacturing location for SmithCo side dump trailers, our parts & service department is set up to be able to satisfy the needs of SmithCo trailer owners/operators, and our dealers first and foremost. We stock the majority of the parts for sale that are used to build your trailers.

Service that is Second to None

Whether you contact SmithCo via phone, email, or in person, we will do our very best to get you the parts, part information, service, or technical support you require to get you going as quickly as possible. First, if we have a SmithCo dealer in your area, we will get you in touch with them to source your items. We also drop ship items directly from the factory to our dealer’s customer with no additional shipping or handling charges. Because we are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) some suppliers do not allow us to sell parts aftermarket. If that’s the case, we will work with you to get the aftermarket part numbers required for you, so that you can try to get them ordered from another supplier in your area. And if you cannot find a local source for what you need, we offer many shipping or pick up options to get items delivered as quickly as possible. We try to ship as many orders as we can the same day the order is placed but when we have orders for items that will take longer (like large orders or special parts), we let you know the lead time to the best of our ability.

Engineering and Production Support Available

When a customer or dealer has questions about parts or service, we make sure to quickly connect them to the proper person for help. We can also bring in extra assistance from our engineering staff or a production technician if needed. For example, we have had people convert trailers to lead units to pull a pup, add axles and suspension to trailers, and in a few cases even lengthen frames and move their tubs. These projects take quite a bit of research on our part to make sure the customer gets the right parts and the instruction to do the projects safely and within the limits of their trailer.

Durability Speaks for Itself

There’s no job too small and no trailer we won’t try to help with. Just the other day, I was contacted by a customer who owns the 46th trailer SmithCo ever built back in 1995. He had just bought the trailer from a sale and needed information on the materials we used for the build in order to perform some repairs. A few years back we also got a call about the third and fourth trailers built by SmithCo that were being sold at an auction. That really speaks to the durability and versatility of a SmithCo side dump trailer.

Even if the trailer isn’t a side dump or wasn’t made by SmithCo, we can often assist with service, maintenance, and technical support questions because of our time and experience in the industry.

We strive for SmithCo’ s service after the sale to be second to none and know that our commitment to service means we have customers return again and again to buy our trailers.

Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you or your dealer get the most durable, high-quality trailer parts available? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

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Chad has been working in the side dump trailer industry since its infancy in 1995. He started at SmithCo in 2006, starting out in parts sales before expanding to his managerial role blanketing parts and service, warranty, used trailer sales, purchase assist and customer support—a man of many hats! In his free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending time with his family and two English Bulldogs: Amos and Andy. An avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan, you can find him on fall Saturdays cheering on his football team.

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