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Traditional mine trucks have specific limitations when it comes to speed and distance. A mine tipper trailer can open up new possibilities for hauling ore more than 10 kilometers with higher efficiency.

Travel Distance Makes a Difference

Traditional mine trucks haul significant payloads, but they need the processing plant to be close to the pit in order to work efficiently. But what about when there’s a longer distance involved? The further the distance, the more sense it makes to look beyond a mine truck.

Here are three situations where a SmithCo tipper mine trailer is the right choice:

1. Developed mines

    For traditional mine trucks, the ideal distance to the processing plant is no longer than two or three kilometers. As mine sites develop, the pit gets further from the processing plant. What was once a short distance to the processing plant is now more considerable. Hauling that distance in a traditional mine truck is slow going; speeds need to be kept low so that tires don’t overheat and fail. Plus, the fuel costs of hauling that payload are astronomical. In these situations, a side dump trailer is the better choice.

    2. Satellite mines

      Another situation where a side dump makes sense is where there is another deposit of ore that’s not close to the original mine site. Many times, the added distance makes it unfeasible to use traditional haul trucks to get this ore to the processing plant. Moving processing operations would be too costly and inefficient. But with a smaller, more nimble side dump, these sites are viable. Hauling the ore with a side dump trailer means that the processing plant can stay where it is.

      3. Remote mines

        Some mining sites, like many in Canada, operate in remote locations that require long distances between the mine pit and the final processing plant. SmithCo’s rugged compact trailers have been used at Baffinland operations since 2015 to move iron ore more than 100 kilometers from the mine to the port. Putting those hauls in over-the-road side dump trailers means faster and easier access to those plants or to the ports that transport ore to its final destination.

        Faster Cycle Time Means Less Downtime

        The slow speed of a traditional mine truck doesn’t just mean that longer distances are out of the question. It also means that the loading team could spend considerable time waiting around for the empty truck to return to site. With the high cost of these mine trucks, plus fuel, tire costs and maintenance costs, it may not be feasible for an operation to own enough vehicles to reduce downtime. On the other hand, a mining side dump trailer costs a fraction of a traditional mine truck, has a much quicker return speed to move more material per shift and dramatically lowers fuel costs. You can spend more time loading or unloading and less time waiting.

        Lower Road Maintenance Costs

        SmithCo tipper mine trailers have an advantage when it comes to roads, too. These trailers offer significant savings compared to larger haul trucks since they can haul on smaller roads, so there is less road to build and maintain. Additionally, a side dump doesn’t damage the road the way a heavy-duty mine truck will. That means lower maintenance costs as well.

        Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you with your long mining hauls? Get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

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