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Purchasing a trailer is no small decision. It’s important to consider several factors so that you are not only getting a great price, but you’re also getting a great trailer for that price.

Not all side dumps are created equal. That’s why we’ve created a blog series to highlight a few key criteria you should use to evaluate which side dump trailer is right for your needs, even if it’s not a SmithCo Side Dump.

Advertised cubic yardage

When comparing hauling capacities of side dump trailers, consider the following:

  • Ask the manufacturer for a drawing that shows how the tub capacity was calculated, especially when looking at the heaped capacity. Then double-check the math. You could see a tub capacity number that is misleading (or even impossible) based on how the tub is constructed. You can view SmithCo’s yardage at a glance here.

  • When looking at high-sided tubs or tubs with extensions, it’s important to know the angle of repose of the material you are hauling. Anyone can claim that a tub has a certain yardage capacity based on how high the extensions are, but can you actually get the material you are hauling to stay in the tub if it is piled as high as the extensions?

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