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A seasoned fly ash hauler can tell you that fly ash needs special care and consideration from start to finish. Without the right equipment, you can face leaking, safety and efficiency issues, and even a hefty fine. More and more fly ash haulers (like V McGee Trucking) are discovering that a side dump trailer is the superior choice for a mess-free haul and easier cleanup.

Spill-Proof Your Fly Ash Hauling With a Side Dump

One key reason to pick a side dump trailer over an end dump or belly dump for hauling fly ash is that the material is prone to spilling or leaking. Whether your fly ash has been sprayed down to keep it from blowing around, or it gets loaded into the trailer in a wet, chemically saturated state, the material can still leak through the gates of an end dump or belly dump. And leaking is not just inconvenient: it’s fineable by the EPA for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

Unlike end-dump trailers, SmithCo side dump trailers have a watertight design, with no gates or seams that materials can leak out of. There is no need to line the trailer before loading—simply pull up, load, close the tarp, and be on your way. SmithCo side dump trailers have the ability to completely seal the tub, which eliminates any material flying out while going down the road.

Side Dumps Mean Safety and Stability

Dump sites for fly ash often have unpredictable terrain. This is another reason that a side dump is safer and faster than an end dump. A side dump trailer offers greater stability because the trailer doesn’t require an even surface during the dump cycle. A driver can just pull up, untarp the load, dump, and go, even on soft ground at a landfill.

Cleaning is safer and easier, too. Most customers working with fly ash either opt to clean their trailers every few loads to prevent corrosion, or they are required to clean them due to the toxicity of the material. Side dump trailers are much easier and safer to clean out with a power washer or in a truck wash, since you can invert the tub and clean it from the ground rather than climbing a wet ladder 10 or more feet up to spray down into the hauling area of a trailer.

Side Dumps Have the Right Capacity for Fly Ash

One of the biggest reasons to choose a side dump for fly ash hauling is also one of the simplest: capacity. Most fly ash hauls require a minimum amount of freeboard (extra room in the tub after you have hit maximum hauling weight) in the trailer to be sure there is the least possible chance of losing material from overfilling. Each SmithCo side dump is customized to your specifications, and we work closely with customers to make sure their trailer complies with state and federal laws.

Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you get the most durable, high-quality trailer for your fly ash hauling? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at sales@sidedump.com.

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