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While building the best side dump trailers in the business, we know that the trailer itself is not the only thing that matters. Tarps are a crucial part of the safety and efficiency of the trailers we engineer. And while other trailers offer a similar option, not all tarp systems are created equal. SmithCo’s superior manufacturing and stringent specifications mean that our tarps are better than the rest.

SmithCo Tarps are Durable by Design

SmithCo offers mesh, vinyl, and ballistic nylon tarps for all of our trailers. We collaborate with our suppliers to build tarps to our higher standard of specifications, using only the best materials available. That means strategic reinforcement in certain areas and special stitching to ensure maximum durability no matter what you are hauling. These added details mean a longer life for your tarp.

Tarp Maintenance is Essential

Keeping up with proper tarp maintenance can ensure that it will work properly. Here are a few things you can do to keep your tarp in good working order and protect your loads for years to come:

  • Keep the tarp material clean. Just a simple rinse with a hose should be enough to clean up any dirt or debris that sticks to the tarp.
  • Grease the pivot points of the tarp system manually. The owner’s instructions provide steps how to do this.
  • Keep the tarp in alignment so it runs straight. When a clean tarp starts to roll up unevenly, the tarp must be re-adjusted on the roll pole. A twisted tarp can keep the mechanisms from functioning properly and can cause delays. A SmithCo rep can provide specific instructions.

Tarp Lockout

Forgetting to take the tarp off your load before dumping can rip the tarp. SmithCo’s tarp lockout option is designed to prevent dumping the tub with the tarp in the closed position. If your side dump does not already have a tarp lockout feature, check with your dealer or manufacturer about adding one.

Want to know more about which SmithCo tarp and trailer combination is right for you? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

Chuck McKeever

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Chuck McKeever
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Chuck has been working in the trailer industry for more than a decade. He began working in sales at SmithCo in July 2019 and most enjoys the company’s team atmosphere. In addition to his valuable work experience, Chuck has an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering technology. Outside of work, Chuck enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, and watching college football and NASCAR.

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