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At SmithCo, we’re always checking in with customers to make sure they’re happy with their trailers. That’s why we sent out a customer survey to get the inside scoop on what our customers value in a trailer and how we stack up.

We recently surveyed out customers a series of questions to determine how they decide which side dumps to purchase, and why they chose to buy from SmithCo.

The results are clear: It’s SmithCo’s trusted reputation, versatility, and ease of operation that set us apart.

Respondents gave SmithCo high marks for many criteria, rating them as “above average” or “excellent” for things like:

  • Trusted reputation (90%)
  • Ability to haul a wide range of materials (86%)
  • Ease of operation (85%)
  • Resale value (76%)

And when it comes to overall satisfaction, 93% of respondents said they were “Satisfied” or “Very satisfied” with their SmithCo trailer!

But those numbers are only part of the story. Customers were also eager to share more about their enthusiasm for their side dump trailers.

“I own 7 SmithCo trailers…we witness every day SmithCo dumping faster, cleaner, and far less tip overs than the competition.”

“They went above and beyond my expectations to make sure my trailer was what I needed/wanted.”

“Holds up better under adverse conditions.”

“Absolutely the best.”

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