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When it comes to manufacturing side dump trailers, SmithCo makes quality a top priority from start to finish. We follow a thorough, detailed process for each side dump trailer we make. Our trailer welds are an essential part of that process, whether they are from a manual hand-held MIG welding process, a semi-automatic submerged arc, or semi-automatic MIG welding procedure.

Detailed Trailer Welding Process Start to Finish

The welding process involves the same attention to detail as every other aspect of SmithCo manufacturing. All welding procedures start with a process of metal preparation and cleaning before a weld is started. The weld is then cleaned between passes if the design requires multiple weld passes.

The welds on a SmithCo trailer are reviewed throughout production. Those reviews happen at the time of initial design in Engineering, then again at the welding stations, again before paint and finish, and one more time after the trailer goes through the finish processes. A good weld will be free of pinholes, inclusions, excessive undercutting, and any other unacceptable characteristics. If there are any issues with a weld, it goes through a repair process before the structure can be used on a trailer.

It is part of every SmithCo employees’ job to identify and correct any suspected weld issue before the trailer gets into a customer’s hands. SmithCo’s welders are highly trained in their respective positions to ensure consistent, quality welds, on all of the components they are working on. Everyone at SmithCo takes great pride in providing the best side dump trailer on the market.

The Importance of a Good Weld

A good weld is critical for the integrity and strength of any weldment or trailer structure. If a weld has not been performed properly, especially in a critical, high-stress area on a trailer, it could cause a sudden failure of a trailer frame or tub structure. A dangerous situation could occur if the operator is hauling when that failure happens.

This is why we place such importance on our welding. All the welds on a SmithCo trailer are thoroughly inspected before the trailer goes through our paint and final finish processes. That means that each SmithCo trailer that rolls off the line will be safe to operate and will hold its value for years to come.

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