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You can trust that SmithCo side dump trailers are built the right way, from start to finish. One of the last steps in manufacturing a side dump trailer is the painting process, and SmithCo has outstanding trailer paint options for every customer. Quality painting is especially important with steel products to minimize the risk of corrosion. A layer of paint expertly applied not only makes the finished trailer look great, but it ensures the steel beneath can withstand the test of time and keep our customers on the road longer.

The Painting Process

Our painting process, as with any other process in our facility, involves quality control steps that assures the paint color and quality meet our expectations. To begin, the tubs and frames of the trailer are treated with an abrasive blasting process in our blast booth. This is done to clean the mill scale and contaminates from the metal, as well as providing a profile that helps the paint adhere better to the steel.

Immediately after being blasted, the trailers go to prep where welds are re-inspected and repaired if needed. The metal goes through a detailed inspection process where any scratches, gouges etc. are fixed and prepped before paint is applied.

Once in the paint booth, the painters get to work with their pressurized paint guns applying an even coat of our polyurethane paint by hand to ensure the highest attention to detail. No machine can match the skill of a SmithCo painter. Tubs and frames are painted separately to make sure each piece is evenly coated.

While the parts of the trailer are being painted, inspections are always happening around the painters as they work. We check the wet mil thickness of the application and the quality of the job as it is being done. Contrary to popular belief, paint dries quickly, so time is of the essence in the paint booth. The last step in the process is a final touch-up of any paint issues before the trailer rolls out the door.

The SmithCo Difference

Through the years, SmithCo has been known for having high quality paint jobs compared to our competition. We continually improve upon on our painting processes to provide an even better product than we did before. Continuous improvement has always been a mainstay at SmithCo and the paint department is no different.

What sets SmithCo apart is simple. Our procedures through each stage of the paint process ensure the job gets done to the highest standard. Implementing processes like grit blasting instead of acid etching is an example of what differentiates SmithCo from other companies. We go the extra step to increase the lifespan of our trailers. These process differences combined with our mission to always put our customer’s needs first, all come together to produce an outstanding paint job for a world-class trailer.

If the painting process on your trailer is not good, there is no way to ensure that the paint has been applied correctly. When this happens, you end up with a product that not only doesn’t look good, but exposes the trailers to the chance of corrosion.

At SmithCo, we never cut corners or rush our manufacturing process. We make the best side dump trailers on the market with expert-level care, right down to the last coat of paint.

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