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For SmithCo customers in the land leveling and site development industries, a versatile hauling trailer is a key part of the team. SmithCo’s CP30 side dump trailer features flotation tires, a watertight design, and plenty of other assets that put it above other trailers.

Side Dump Trailers are Ready for Any Materials

Land levelling and site development projects can encounter a wide range of challenging material, which is why people working on these types of jobs need a trailer that can safely and efficiently haul anything the site comes up with. You could encounter anything from large boulders that may be hiding beneath a field to wet, sticky mud sitting near the water table of an area. The CP30 handles all of these materials while unloading quickly and safely, with better tub clean-out than our competitors. And uncertain terrain is no match for a CP30 and its flotation tires.

Ryan Duhon, owner of Duhon Land Leveling LLC in Louisiana, is a big fan of using CP30s for his business. “Using SmithCo side dumps helps us speed up production, especially in tight spots. Unlike with other dump trailer styles, you don’t have to track through what you’ve dumped. A side dump means you can just dump and keep rolling.”

Geographic area doesn’t matter either. While some areas may be more prone to higher water content or a different bedrock if you dig deep enough, the efficiency and versatility of a side dump trailer is second to none no matter where you live.

Haul More, Haul Better with a CP30

As with any hauling job, payload and efficiency are the top priorities. Having one trailer like our CP30 that can handle all the various materials while unloading quickly and safely are huge contributors to our success in these areas. The ability to utilize multiple trailers hooked together in a train configuration has been a major selling point as well. There are not many ways to haul 60+ tons of material at one time on a job site without breaking the bank. “Hooking up tandems gets us a lot of production in one trip,” says Duhon.

Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you with your land leveling and site development needs? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

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