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Purchasing a new trailer is a decision that isn’t made lightly. It’s a large investment, and we know that. That’s why—unlike other trailer manufacturers—SmithCo takes great care to offer peace of mind in addition to the best side dump trailer available. When you drive off our lot with a new trailer, you can feel at ease taking it directly to the job site. There’s a reason for that.

From our salesmen to customer service reps to technicians and everyone in between, we take the time to physically touch and assess each trailer before sending it off into the world. Our inspection process and commitment to putting out thetop-of-the-line side dump trailer is second to none. That hands-on knowledge translates to each SmithCo team member, from the very first welder to the final inspection supervisor, confidently saying, “That’s my trailer,” as it rolls off the lot.

When you’re heading to a job site, the last thing you want to do is worry about if your trailer is going to hold up. As the premier side dump trailer manufacturer, SmithCo builds a product that will keep you on the road, which translates to low maintenance and money saved. Before each new trailer leaves our facility, you’re given a full packet with user manuals for components not built in-house, a flash drive with prints of all the wiring and other technical data required for maintenance, part numbers and anything else you might need. (Plus a couple of hats—who doesn’t love free merch?)

At the end of the day, you can rest assured that SmithCo has your back. Customer support is on-call at any time. Not many other trailer manufacturers can say that. That way, when buying a new side dump trailer, you can focus on the job in front of you and not worry about what you’re hauling behind you.

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