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Moving materials over longer distances can get expensive when you are running conventional haul trucks. SmithCo's custom trailers let you rethink mine and quarry hauling. Our trailer units sip fuel and offer a smaller footprint, reduced haul-road requirements, longer tire life, and lower-cost maintenance than traditional haul trucks.

Whether you’re grubbing, taking off overburden or need to move ore from remote sites to a central processing plant, SmithCo side dumps offer multiple suspensions, including hydraulic options, designed for your specific application. Our mine trailers make opening a satellite more feasible. Conventional side dumps and tipper styles are available.

Contact us for a site analysis of how SmithCo can streamline your operations and reduce costs.

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  • Custom built for each application
  • Tubs designed to maximize payload
  • Heavy haul units built for off-road use
  • Payloads up to 100 tons per trailer
  • Tubs designed to dump over barriers, berms or into crusher chutes
  • Train together to carry loads from pickup to distribution points on site
  • Engineered for the toughest jobs, with rugged suspensions, long-haul mine-rated tires, and heavy frames that stand up to loading and unloading
  • Optional hydraulic suspensions offer a steadier ride, reduced maintenance and eliminate freeze-ups
  • Optional linings to reduce carry-back and eject materials cleanly
  • Unmatched customer service


Mine Trailers Tub Capacities


1.81 cu yd/foot

2.03 cu yd/foot

Layout Options

Mine Trailer 1 Rear View
Mine Trailer 1 Rear
Mine Trailer 1
Mine Trailer 1
Mine Trailer 2 Rear View
Mine Trailer 2 Rear
Mine Trailer 2 Rear View Dumped
Mine Trailer 2 Rear Dumped
Mine Trailer 2
Mine Trailer 2
Mine Trailer 3 Rear View
Mine Trailer 3 Rear
Mine Trailer 3 Rear View Dumped
Mine Trailer 3 Rear Dumped
Mine Trailer 3
Mine Trailer 3
Mine Trailer 4 Rear View
Mine Trailer 4 Rear
Mine Trailer 4 Rear View Dumped
Mine Trailer 4 Rear Dumped
Mine Trailer 4
Mine Trailer 4