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End dumps have been a time-honored way to transport materials, but SmthCo side dump trailers are far superior. Switch to a faster, easier and more stable way to unload.

Three Reasons Why Side Dumps Are Better Than End Dumps

Side dump trailers have superior stability.

Side dumps unload their cargo by tilting the trailer to the side, providing greater stability during the dump cycle. Dump on soft and uneven ground safely; there is no need to find a level area to unload. Material can be windrowed or stockpiled.

Better sightlines for safety.

Visibility is much better with a side dump. There is no need to back up to dump the load. The dump occurs next to the cab so the operator can make sure the trailer is in the exact location to put the load where it should be. With an end dump, the operator cannot see over the tub to determine if someone or something is behind the trailer or if the trailer is positioned the right distance away.

No touch unloading is faster.

SmithCo specifically designs its trailers to allow operators to stay in the cab. Not only does this provide additional safety, but it also means that materials can be unloaded faster with the side dump.

Side dumps versus end dumps comparison chart

Side DumpEnd Dump
Special safety featuresBetter sight lines, no backing upNA
Meter flow rate?Yes, for longer smaller pileNo, material dumps start slowly and gains momentum
Placement of materialsWindrow or stockpile with ease, cleaner more consistent piles without having to leave the truck cab.Must chain rear gate to spread material behind. Otherwise stockpiling is the only choice.
Breakaway kingpinsNot necessaryReduces damage in case of a tip over
Able to dump on uneven grades?YesNo
Cylinder exposed during dump cycle?Up to 3 feetUp to 35 feet
Average cylinder replacement costs$1,000$4.500
Ability to haul large boulders, debris?YesLarge boulders may puncture tub, debris may get hung up
Average height of sidewalls8' 6" allows different equipment to load. and operator to see load placement9-10 feet
Cycle times15-20 seconds120 seconds
Able to reduce weight without auxiliary equipment to meet payload limits?Yes. if load is over maximum allowed payload, operator can easily reduce the load and return for re-checkNo, end dump operator must work with equipment operator to remove a position of the load adding time
5-year Resale value - 10-year Resale valueSale Price:
5 year = $50 000
10 year = $45 500
Sale Price.
5 year = $36 500
10 year = $20.000

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