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We know that one of the biggest challenges for mining operators is reducing cost per ton. SmithCo side dump mining trailers offer the perfect solution. We recently completed production on a new side dump mining trailer set that gives mining operations more options for efficient hauling at a lower cost per ton.

Side Dumps Offer Lower Cost per Ton

Our mining trailers are proof that a bigger investment isn’t always better. When looking at mining equipment it all comes down to cost per ton per mile: How efficiently can you move your material across a certain distance? With some equipment, it is more efficient in a small area where you only have to move a short distance (around ¼ to ½ of a mile). However, there are changes happening in the industry causing mines to open satellite sites that may be much further than that to transport the material. These changes are making large haul trucks inefficient as they may only move safely at 15-25 miles per hour when loaded. SmithCo’s mine trailers are built to make the longer distances in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Another reason bigger isn’t always better: larger mining haul trucks may have a higher payload, but they also require much wider haul roads, which means an additional expense. Plus, a side dump allows the driver to pull alongside their dump area and dump material safely. Larger trucks usually dump to the rear, and industry professionals know that accidents are more likely when operating a vehicle in reverse.

SmithCo has created a way to haul huge amounts of material across larger distances, with greater speed, at 1/3 the height and width of a traditional mining haul truck—while at the same time cutting operational expenses to reduce price per ton per mile.

Our newest trailer set consists of a 40-foot lead unit with a single 19-foot tipper style tub, and a 51-foot pup unit sporting two 19-foot tipper style tubs. Each of these tubs holds 35 cubic yards of material at the water level. They are used in a B-Train configuration, with the pup trailer attaching to a 5th wheel plate mounted to the rear of the lead trailer.

When compared against traditional mining haul trucks, side dump trailer sets like this one open up interesting new possibilities for mining operations. Just for some perspective, the largest haul trucks in the world will haul around 450-500 tons. They are almost 33 feet wide and nearly 30 feet tall and sport a price tag of around $7 million EACH.

The same investment could get your operation an entire fleet of side dump trailers that offer greater versatility and maneuverability, and that don’t require the scale of a haul road that a traditional truck does. These benefits are giving mining engineers around the world good reason to rethink their hauling plans.

Custom Mining Trailers from Stem to Stern

With our mine series trailers, we customize each build according to the material being hauled and the site at which they will be used. In this case, each tub is designed to haul 50 tons, totaling 150 tons across the set when fully loaded. We do have the capability of producing trailers that can haul up to 100 tons per trailer.

From the beginning, the production process for mining trailers is is separate from our other side dump trailers to accommodate the additional criteria to consider when it comes to mining. We take every step necessary to ensure that we are making a piece of equipment that does exactly what it needs to do in the safest and most efficient way possible.

One consideration is the environment: Mining haulers often work in extreme climates calling for special plumbing, wiring, and other components to endure sub-arctic temperatures. Another consideration is the materials themselves. The tubs must be reinforced to sustain high impact loads of material, and the frames need to be reinforced to withstand off-road conditions and the stresses of their 150 tons of payload.

Our tipper trailers are unique for other reasons, too. One obvious difference is the gate that opens on the dump side. This allows for material to be dumped far away from the trailer and over safety barriers. While this does take away the ability to be watertight (a feature that all of our other trailers can put on their resume), it meets the key goals of the mining industry: to haul the maximum amount of material and to do it efficiently.

Each SmithCo side dump goes through a rigorous testing process, and this set was no different. The process for this trailer was primarily focused on the suspension and hydraulics. We want to be sure all the components are working as intended to carry the load and dump the trailer safely. We test all of the valves that select which tub is dumping to ensure the flow of the hydraulic fluid is getting where it needs to go at the right time.

It doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to say that once our mine series trailers catch on throughout the industry, we will change the world of mining.

Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you reduce your cost per ton with the most durable, hauling option for your mining operation? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

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