At SmithCo, we work closely with customers during the ordering process to ensure that the trailer we build will perfectly suit their needs. Choosing the correct size for a side-dump trailer is one key element of this process, but even before we get to that question, there are a few other questions we must answer first:

  1. What type of material will you most often be hauling in your trailer?
  2. What types of roads will you be hauling on? On-hi-way, off-road, combination of both?
  3. What state(s) or province(s) will you be hauling in?
  4. What is the wheel base and axle configuration of the tractor will you be pulling the trailer with?

One common misconception we run across is that our basic side dump trailer should be able to haul anything a customer needs to haul. Although it is true that our standard side dump, the SX Series, is a very versatile trailer, it is not always the most efficient model for all materials. Depending on the average density of the material you haul a majority of the time, you may be better off with a more specialized model.

Side dump sizes are impacted by many factors

There are a variety of ways that a customer’s needs could impact the size of the side dump trailer we recommend for them. A customer may have a specific limitation as to where they can maneuver their trailer to load or dump the material they are hauling. They may have state laws that require them to be a under a certain length to haul a given amount of gross weight. They also may have an existing truck they need to use that they wish to maximize legal gross weight with.

The final size of a trailer can also be a factor resulting from a need to haul a specific material. Lighter materials that need to be hauled in greater volume, to maximize allowed gross weight, tend to require larger tubs made out of thinner material. Heavier materials usually don’t require as much volume to reach the maximum allowed gross weight, so a smaller or shorter tub can be utilized. Some manufacturers just try to accommodate these differences with the shorter or longer tub scenario. But at SmithCo, we have the ability to supply many different tub models to cover any requirement.

What sizes and capacities of side dump trailers are available?

SmithCo has built trailers as short as 23 feet and as long as 53 feet. We have built tubs ranging from around 6 cubic yards to almost 60 cubic yards, and we’ve built trailers capable of hauling over 100 metric tons of payload. So it’s clear we have the versatility and design capabilities to help customers haul almost anything, and we can match almost any bottom dump or end dump trailer in capacity and volume.

With all that said about our sizing versatility, there are two sizes we make that are the most common. First is our SX3-4234 model (with a frame length of 42 feet and a tub length of 34 feet), with the SX2-4034 model (with a frame length of 40 feet and a tub length of 34 feet) a close second.

How can I choose the right size side dump?

If the answer to this question isn’t clear by now, let me restate – just ask us! Part of the value we deliver to our customers is our close consultation in selecting your trailer. We ask a lot of questions about your intended use of the trailer, and make sure you’re aware of any potential issues regarding any unusual haul conditions you may be contemplating. This reduces the potential for unexpected problems after you take delivery, and helps make sure that you get a side dump trailer that’s sized perfectly for your job.

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