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When it comes to quality and versatility in hauling, it’s hard to beat SmithCo’s CP30. Our simple, low maintenance design coupled with our superior quality far surpasses other tractor-pulled side dump trailer models.

Versatile Side Dumps for Many Industries

In the agriculture industry, the CP30 is a perfect solution for hauling manure, sand, clay and rock. Thanks to the side dump’s design, the tub cleans out even while hauling sticky material. Adding our silage extensions when chopping increases the capacity to 64 cubic yards, which makes the unit multi-functional. On the construction side, this trailer is a great fit for the cut-and-fill process of site development work.

With the flooding in the Midwest and the need to build dikes and remove sand from fields, the CP30’s popularity has increased tremendously. Large site developers such as landfill contractors are realizing the benefit of this model over articulated trucks not only in cost of purchase but also in operating expense. Being able to hook units in train increases payload on high cubic yardage hauls.

The CP30 is a better value alternative to other tractor-trailers with its ability to windrow on the go or stockpile without backing up. Plus, the larger payloads of a tandem configuration make job sites more efficient and productive. Versatility is another reason the CP30 stands out. Hauling a variety of products with one piece of equipment lowers your operating costs. From fine sand-like material to sticky wet clay to materials your top loading scraper can’t handle (like bulky tree stumps), it can all be hauled with our CP series trailers.

The CP30’s Quality Build

We’ve listened to our customers, and the result is a side dump trailer with superior stability and a tough, durable design that will last for years while still commanding the highest resale value in the market today.

Each unit comes standard with low ground pressure 450/75R22.5 tires. For the ag industry, that has the benefit of decreasing compaction of the soil. Decreased rolling resistance coupled with the low ground pressure keeps the unit working longer in the construction market when inclement weather makes jobsite operations difficult. Outfitted with a 90,000-pound walking beam suspension, 30K axles, easily accessible cylinders, and a robust frame, the CP30 is a valuable asset that will last for years to come.

Want to know more about how SmithCo can help you get the most versatile, high-quality side dump trailer for your operation? Get in touch, and we can start learning about your specific needs. Give us a call at 800-779-8099 or email us at

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Duane Myears
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