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SmithCo Side Dump Trailers, the industry leader in side dump trailer design and manufacturing, will display its newest model, the SX7, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, March 14-18. SmithCo’s SX7 is the industry’s first 7-axle side dump trailer. With a 40-foot tub and 53-foot trailer, the SX7’s advanced design allows operators with a standard commercial license to haul up to 40-tons in a single trailer with easier maneuverability and less upfront cost than doubles or train set. SmithCo will also have their new 6-axle trailer, the SX6, on display.

“We’re excited to introduce these groundbreaking trailers that provide our customers with the ability to haul in one trailer which previously required two and help ease the burden of hiring qualified drivers,” said SmithCo CEO and President Scott Lovell. “With easier maneuverability, lower upfront costs, and exceptional capacity, the SX7 and SX6 lets customers do more with less.”

40-ton Hauling in a Single Trailer

The SX7 tub design incorporates three standard axles and four Ridewell steerable lift axle suspensions. The SX7 can comfortably offer a 40-ton hauling capacity in a single trailer without exceeding 129,000 GVW rating with the right truck configuration. To achieve the optimal configuration, SmithCo provides custom bridge drawings which consider truck weight, axle placement, overall length, and tub placement to maximize the load capacity. The hauling capacity for the SX6 is 37.4-ton.

Advantages of a Single Trailer

For long hauls, a single trailer offers many advantages. Upfront costs are lower with a single trailer. A single trailer also translates to a greater maneuverability for backing up. Prior to this innovation, achieving a 40-ton haul with side dumps required a train set with a lead trailer, a dolly converter, and a pup trailer. Due to the length of the setup, backing up a train is difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, hiring drivers for doubles or a train is challenging due to the required Doubles/Triples endorsement. With the SX7 built as a single trailer, a standard Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) meets licensing requirements so there is a larger pool of potential drivers to hire from.

The cylinder placement on SmithCo side dump trailers also offer a distinct advantage. Cylinders are positioned at each end of the tub, rather than in the middle, so the tub can be positioned at any point on the trailer frame. This flexibility is key to achieving the maximum load capacity. This cylinder design also makes the SX series more durable than other side dump trailers on the market.

SmithCo is also producing the 6- axle SX6, featuring three standards axles with three Ridewell steerable lift axle suspensions. The SX6 provides a 37.4-ton payload capacity, maneuverability for backing up, and the same operator advantages as the SX7, with added flexibility in truck configuration.

“We’re always looking to innovate to allow our customers to do more with less, and our SX7 is the perfect example,” says Lovell. “We take pride in listening to our customers’ experiences so we can build solutions, not just trailers. In fact, the idea for the SX7 started with a customer’s suggestion.”

The new SX6 and SX7 trailers will be on display, along with the SmithCo construction pup, at D1514 in the Diamond Lot at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas, March 14-18.

About SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

For nearly 30 years, the mission of SmithCo Side Dump Trailers has been to design and build the world’s best side dump trailers, with superior stability, easier unloading, and faster cycle times than conventional dump trailers. Today SmithCo produces more side dump trailers and trailer models than any other company. Our trailers serve our customers’ diverse hauling needs in agriculture, construction, mining, demolition, and waste. The company was founded on the values of honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service. We live these values every day by building side dump trailers the right way, under the careful watch of our world-class engineers. For more information visit sidedump.com.

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