Mine double tub tipper trailer

Rugged side dump mine trailers offer compact footprint with lower operating costs that make off-road, long hauls feasible.

SmithCo side dump mine trailers are a smarter way to transport materials. SmithCo mine tipper trailers have been part of the Baffinland operation since mining began in 2015, hauling iron ore more than 100KM from the mine to the port.

Three Reasons to Switch to Side Dump Mining Trailers

Side dump trailers are rugged.

Side dumps are engineered for the long haul with payloads up to 100 tons and 200 tons with trained trailers in conventional or tipper style. Dump over barriers, berms or into crusher chutes.

Versatility with compact design.

These trailers can travel the distance on any road. Easily access to areas too small for the large traditional haul trucks. Opening satellite mines are now more feasible. Boost productivity for quarry hauling.

Optimized design for lower costs.

From purchase through production, side dumps operate efficiently with lower costs. Mine rated tires for side dumps are significantly less. Optional hydraulic suspensions reduce maintenance and eliminate freeze-ups.

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With capacity up to 100 tons, our tipper trailers are fantastic for moving iron ore or coal over longer distances.

Mining Industry


SmithCo side dump trailers haul ore longer distances with lower costs.

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